How to Join ?

All the interested peoples can send a mail to along with your online profile (if you are not new in blogging) . We will review your request and approve as our team member .

By joining our site, you agree google TOS.

When you becomes a team member , you will be provided with your desired username and pwd through which you can access the site . And after that you will be allowed to contribute for GLAM as our staff .


How to make an article ?

This is very simple . The article must be original and complies google TOS .

You can use any relevant image in the article . The image must watermarked as “” in such a manner that it should look decent.


What type of content I can make ?

You are free to make any type of content whether it is a news , artists profile, interview, pics gallery , songs or video, facts and information regarding any celebrity etc.

But make sure that We only accept original and unique content . You will not be allowed to reproduce it without prior permission.

We do not tolerate nudity , vulgar ,violent images in the post. It must be appropriate for all types of viewers.


What I will get by joining the site ?

You will get the name and recognition in the media . Moreover, If you have Google adsense account then your ads will be placed on our site . And you will receive all the revenue generated by your content . ( Adding the adsense is very simple, You can do it from your profile section)

Plus, you will get a bonus 100000 views to any ad of your choice per month. This ad will be placed on various sites of our network .You are allowed to submit any ad in it.

For example, In a cpm ads where the cpm is 3 cent (This is just an example, this is even more higher in different ad networks)

# 0.03 x 100000 = $3

This means min. of $ 3 every month in your account.

*Note – You must contribute min. of 5 articles per month to receive this bonus.


Terms and Conditions

We have the same TOS as google . You can see from here 

Privacy Policy

Our all the network sites follow the same privacy policy . You can see here .

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