The Origins of Yashi D

Yashi D is set to revolutionize the manner in which Western and Eastern culture, design and art converge. Encapsulating the vibrant sub-continent cultures and fusing them with modern fashion trends, Yashi D has created fashion garments which are both trendy and comfortable for everyday wear. The driving force behind Yashi D is the passionate and determined London International School of Fashion (LISOF) graduate, Yashina Daya. Her flair for art and fashion has allowed her to creatively express herself through her work. Being of Indian descent, Yashina feels that there is much to be achieved by taking various facets of Indian heritage and fusing them with modern-day global trends. Being further qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand, she is not only able to understand global fashion trends, but also how this is interpreted by human intellect.

Her holistic knowledge and unique talents continue to inspire the evolution of the Yashi D brand, taking ideas from concept to closet, from creativity to canvas.

Yashi D Glam Ajab Gazab Pics


With a flair for intricacy, Yashi D creates unique and exclusive garments for daytime and eveningwear for the discerning connoisseur of fashion. Keeping up with International fashion trends and always staying in touch with the world of design, Yashina is able to provide modern and contemporary ONE- OF- A- KIND garments for anyone wanting to make a fashion statement. Yashi D will not only make you look and feel amazing, but will also showcase your own inner magnificence through what you wear. Allow Yashi D to drape you in intricate eveningwear and be the bell of the ball, wherever you go. Style and affordability come together to ensure that your true value is shown to the world in the most elegant way possible.


Art comes to life at the hand of Creative Artist, Yashina Daya. Having produced several masterpieces for multiple clients, Yashina has brought the dreams of individuals to reality and allowed for those dreams to adorn the walls of their homes.

Utilising her unique artistic talent, Yashina is able to blend various techniques to provide a wide range of artwork to satisfy every request. Her artwork is woven with intricate bead-work that creates a textured canvas, turning a 2D painting, into a 3D work of art. Allow Yashi D to bring your dreams into reality and showcase the inner creative mind that lies within all of us.


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