Varonica Artistry is a commercial model at PLUS SIZE MODEL . She is pro celebrity makeup artist and stylist. She has trained cosmetics brands like MAC AND BOBBY BROWN from canada toronto.

She celebrated her birthday on 18th  June at Sky Lounge , Hotel Awasa. 

She has recieved thousands of birthday wishes on her Birthday from her fans . She admired everyone who wished her and shared some of the Birthday moments with fans.

She posted the pics at her social network .

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This is how She post on Social Network :

Last day it was my crazy birthday 18th june most memorable day ,special birthday wishes to me from best friends/family well a special persons behind this lovely classic PITARS champion expensive with exclusivity made up godess taste of every, wine sip of drops,my romantic nights ended with touch of passionable VIctoria secrets pink lacy slips night lacy gown with awesom pink theme rose petals/pink nail polish/victoria pink lipstic/blush/perfum mist and shower gel,lovely pic dedicated my buddy Popuri Ravikanth and Shreedevi Chowdary akka love my day guys totally glamour nites sexy mobile clicks by friends around special credits to Ankur Bhargava just a mobile clicks…and dedication to PITARS wine lovers and fans/friends/follwers/my family too love u guys made my best day wishing 7,898 birthday wishes offlines on my both official Varonica Artistry artist ids..totally love love it .



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