Evil Lucifera  is a band founded by Italian singer Evil Lucifera . She has collaborated with few musicians to make a band .Here are the members of the band –

Evil Lucifera: Voice and lyrics
Alexey Soloviev: keyboards, orchestration
Giuseppe Lavagna: Guitars, bass and synth
Dean Mills: Guitars bass and synth on ” The new Era, Lux In Tenebris and Destroying Human Race “

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( GAGMAG to Evil Lucifera )

# Tell about your band ?

Our band was founded in 2009, and currently is situated in Italy-Russia. We play symphonic black metal, and our lyrics are based on misanthropy,Satanism anti-Christianity, hatred and vengeance. The band’s sound is characterized by the classic black metal elements such as blast beats,mixed with symphonic musical structures. Voice it’s only scream and growl, no clean vocals.

# How you all came together and made the band ?

Well, it’s been a pretty long path before all us came together.  I started the band with a guy in 2009, after a year he left the band, I have continued for some time alone,  then I found another guitarist  at the end of 2012, and we started to work on the new album for about a year, then I met on fb Alexey Soloviev, and we had a collaboration for the Illuminati Project. So, I asked him if he was interested to join the band and he accepted.

After few time,  Dean, the guitarist, was forced to left the band for personal problems, but after few days I’ve been contacted from Giuseppe Lavagna, and he has joined the band too. We have started to work on the remaining songs of the album and they’ll be ready soon.

# What type of songs do you make  ? 
We make symphonic and aggressive black metal songs .

# Why you chose to make songs on serious issues instead of love songs ?

Love songs? Not for me. I always hated the songs with themes of love, are trivial. I prefer talk about things really interesting, I write always  what I think, what is in my mind, and love, it’s not on my mind, absolutely not.

# Your songs are mainly about  misanthropy,Satanism anti-Christianity,hatred and vengeance , How it affected peoples?

Well, I’ve always thought, or at least hoped, that people should think with their mind. I think is good leave a message, but I don’t want to affect other minds. I want to talk to the minds, and I want that people reflect, and understand.I don’t want to change the ideas of others, I want that they understand different opinions, and, after understand, change idea because they’ve understood the message.

# What are the other bands which inspires you the most ?

The bands that inspire me most are Anorexia Nervosa, Limbonic Art, old Dimmu Borgir, Alexey, the keyboardist, loves old Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, and Giuseppe, the guitarist, is inspired from Limbonic Art, old Dimmu Borgir, old Cradle of Filth and Mayhem.

# Tell the fans about your new album ?

The new album is a concept album about the upcoming end of the world. An end of the world  generate by stupidity of humans, that will lead to an alliance with demons, to clean the world by scum, and create a new race, more powerful and more rightful and a new world, freed from the shackles of the exploiters.

# How we can bring change to the world ?

I think that everybody can do something to change the world. First, everybody must do what want, and not take care about what people think. The first thing to change the world it’s not be a part of the mass, each one must have its own unique personality .

Then I think that to change the world, every little thing can be helpful. I see every day people who complains about something, but, they do something to change things? No, they just complain. Also for little things, you must do what’s in your ability to change it .

For example. I hate politicians, but I can’t understand people that not go to vote. They complain a lot about many things in my country, but not go to vote, and at the end, we have always the same bad politicians. Go to vote, choose the better person, choose in the smaller sides,and try to change things, otherwise, complaining is just pitiful and stupid .

# According to you, what are the main issues that mostly affects the world ?
I think that the main issue that affects the worlds is the stupidity. Stupidity is the first issue that generate a big part of the problems in the world.
You must be really stupid, if you think that the poverty of some nations,  it’s not generate from other nations. And you must be really stupid, if you think that’s better continue to take advantage from this nations, and generate a mass exodus in other states, instead of stop all this, and create better life for all the nations.
You must be really stupid, if you think that if you go to church, but you do  bad things in your life, you’ll be forgiven and will go to heaven… How you can believe in religions?
How you can live your life based on something that’s not true?
And you must be really stupid, if you think that clearing of forests to create  plants that generate profit, it will be useful to humanity. When nature will die, what you will eat, what you will breathe? So, there are many serious issues in the world, but I think, that all of them, are generate from stupidity .

# How do you look at life ?

I think simply a thing.  I’m here, and I try to do what I like. Life is this, you have to try to do what you want, never have regrets, and always look forward.

# What are your upcoming plans ?

First of all, the main plan is finish to record the second album, and work on the graphics for the cd. Then, I’d like to release the second video for this album. Then we will look if  is possible expand the line up to do tours.

# You makes songs on serious issues, So, when your fan will see you making some love song ?

My fans will always and only see  me making songs with serious issues,  this is what I am, and I’m proud of what I am.

# What is your message to the world ?

My message to the world is that people must open the mind, and eyes, too. Religions, politics and corporations are ruining our life, and the world, too. The interests of the few, at the expense of all.  They’re destroying everything, in the name of profit.

And often outrageous actions are justified in the name of a God, that was created by man.

Nobody need a God that tell what’s right and what’s not right, Lucifer is the light to exit from the tunnel of ignorance. We must take our life in our hands, and think with our mind, not with the mind of the masses.

# Thanks you for your time
Thanks to you!

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 ( Evil Lucifera was interviewed by GAGmag Editor )


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