Sonic Bass is the record label that helps new talented artists who cannot afford expensive music brands . It is new but still provide pro service same as the other old  record label . GAGMAG had a quick talk with Sonic Bass founders and got some information.



(GAGMAG to Sonic Bass)

# Tell about Sonic Bass ?

It is a Record label which signs talented djs or composers to release their projects world wide .

# How did you get this idea of making Sonic Bass ?

SonicBass Records was an idea started by Ilyas Dawood but when Dovydas Venslovas and Naeem Kaldine got involved it was   moulded into something real and something unique.

# What are the songs you have released under Sonic Bass ?

We have , so far , released songs by Counter F8, Jack Freakz, Exclusive Horse and Hatix And Jayx who’ve recently split up.

We do however have loads of more releases as well as a debut album from the talented Producer Aleggro, but you will just have  to watch this space .

# Are you accepting projects  from worldwide ?

Yes, SonicBass Records does not belong to one country. Its reach is global and may be someday it will be universal (lol)

# What are the requirements for the artists to work with you ?

Well, like every other label we require a demo, you can send your demos to

# Is there any caption or tag line for your brand ?

Yes, Music That Feeds Your Heart! It also explains our logo! We have Dovydas to thanks for that idea!

# What makes your Sonic Bass different from others ?

Well we do not focus on the business side of the music industry, we provide amazing talent and our goal is to inspire and help   out artists live their dreams one beat at a time!

# Any message for your fans ?

Yes, Thanks for all your help and loyalty thus far, we wont let you down and we hope you continue supporting us! Much Love  Bassers!!!

# Thanks for your time

Our pleasure to have a chat with you.

( Sonic Bass was interviewed by GAGMAG Editor )

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