There are lot of peoples , especially men,  who talks about Woman Empowerment but Do they follow it also.

Woman Empowerment starts from your own house. The way you treat the female members of your house , tells how much you respect them  . Not only respect a woman but also to everyone and everything in the world . That creates you…

She Against The World by Drishticone Production presented a story about a girl, many households would relate it to themselves .

Actress Prakriti Nautiyal portrayed the household girl and Sameer Taneja played the role of man. We would not tell you the story. Just watch the video , Its worth watching.

Watch ” She Against The World | Tale Of A Rebel” on Youtube

Source : Youtube

Do you know the woman within you ? Women from inside are as strong as they are tender on outside.
This video is a warning to all who forcefully want to change lives of women in their surrounding in accordance with their on comfort.
SHE – She is supposed to dress like this, to be decent, to obey, to be intellectual, must handle all the work that no one else wants to do, must never talk back.
She is the one making sacrifices for others, yet she is the one always ignored. But no more. When no one in world is in her favor, she’s against the world.

Ik war – Tale of a rebel 

MUSIC – Ankit Dev 

DOP – Ravi Yadav

ACTRESS – Prakriti Nautiyal

ACTOR – Sameer Taneja

STUDIO – Drishticone Productions

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