Mimi Sanchez is a versatile personality that we have come across to. She is not only limited to business but also she made an impact as a model , singer and songwriter . Lets know more about this wonderful diva.
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(GAGmag to Mimi Sanchez)
# Tell about Yourself ?

My name is Michelle MiMi Sanchez, born and raised from El Paso Texas. My background is in Public Relations & Marketing/Social Media. But I’ve always been a dancer for most of my life.  I always wanted to be a singer but I never thought I was good enough until I had someone push me to record a song of my own 3 years ago. And that was the beginning of my singer/songwriting career.

# Who is your inspiration ?

I have several people that inspire me in different areas. As for music my favorite female singer is Christina Aguilera. Her vocal range is impeccable. Then as a person overall well its my parents. My mom and my dad are my heroes and I hope to be like them when I grow up!

#You have done modelling also. So, How is the experience ?

I’ve been featured in a How To book for your body size and also have done some jewellry shoots. And my over all experience was fun. I never saw it as a career because I’m not a size 6. I’m a proud size 10 and love every inch of it.  I hope to do more photoshoots in the future to show woman its ok not to be a small size!

#Tell about MODA Modelos ?

MODA Modelos (Models) is my small business that I’ve been running for over 9yrs now.  I started in Dallas TX and I’m about to launch in Miami FL. Recently I’ve added marketing/branding, graphics design, Website Management and  Social Media services. My freelance team is amazing and so diverse. I can’t wait to launch MODA Creative’s website in a few weeks! So now I run MODA Modelos and MODA Creative Agency.

#What music do you like ?

I love Latin Pop, and English as well. And believe it or not I love Punjabi music too. I love the beat and hope to record with a famous Punjabi singer one day.

#What are the songs you have released?  

My first song was called Complete Me by me featuring Marcos Davila. Its a pop song with Marcos rapping in it.  Then I have another one called Papi Papi by me featuring Gabyson. And that one is spanish pop with a reggeaton flare. I have like 4 more that I’ve written but I still need to record. Its expensive to record so I have to budget it in. But soon I’ll have them all recorded.  I write all my lyrics which are based on my past experiences. Its like therapy for me!

# Why do you decided to work in Indian Music Industry?

I want to soon start working with the Indian Music industry because I already have a large Indian fan base. How? I have no idea but I love them all! Plus I love Punjabi music and I hope to find a Punjabi singer to partner up with on a song!

# Name some Bollywood artists with whom you want to work?

Well I’ve met Aatif Aslam back in 2011 at one of his concert in Dallas.  I was back stage and that’s when I fell in love with the music. I’m also a fan of Priyanka Chopra. She’s so talented and how lucky she got to sing a song with Pit Bull called Exotic!  So to sing with one of them would be AMAZING!

# Will you work as an actress if you got an offer from Bollywood ? Yes! I don’t know if I would be any good because I’ve never acted. But I do have 15+ years of dance training. I know Bollywood movies requires a lot dance so hey why not!

#How is your personal life ?

On my, its in a constant. Trying to balance is the hardest. From work with my agency to music and writing and recording its insane.  But I also find time to party it up with my friends. Hey I have no kids and not married so I can live it up all I want!

# Do you Believe in love ?

Yes! I’ve only been in love several times. And from each love/relationship I’ve learned something new. All of them have been different but I regret none. Love can be soooo complicated if you don’t know how to follow the recipe to keep it fresh and real. Once you have it down its ALL good.

#What food do you like to eat ?

Pizza and tacos!! Haahaa

#Are you a fitness conscious ?

Yes, not as much as I wish I could be, but I do at least work out 4-5 times a week and eat in small portions. I do have my cheat days where I’ll eat ice cream or chips.  But not to often. I do take a hip hop class and a ballet class 3 times a week. Plus I hit the gym to do weights for my arms. Super important!

#What is your bad habit and a good habit..Tell One each ?

Bad habit-I text to much. Good Habit-I go to church every Sunday, plus I sing on stage occasionally!

#What are your upcoming plans ?

To finish an album for sure! I want to call it Just Me.

#Any message to your fans ?

Thank you all so much for all of your support, even just keeping up with me on my social media is an honor. I do ready EVERY comment and post. I try to reply to all of them. I hope I can one day give back so much more and I’ll keep doing my best to spread the message to Never Give Up. Its Now or Never!

#Thanks for your valuable time.

Thank  to you and your staff . Love you 🙂

( Mimi Sanchez was Interviewed by GAGMAG Editor )

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