Shalini James is an established model who started her career with the music video of  Stereo Nation where she was featured in the song. Now she is looking forward for her acting career . GAGMAG had a talk with Shalini and she shared some of her life with us.

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( GAGMAG to Shalini James )

# Tell your fans about yourself ?

I am Shalini James and I am a model and actress . I am from Delhi . I am very fun loving , kind heart  type of person who love to make new friends. I am very much travelling freak, loves more and more travelling.

# Where did you spent your childhood?

I am basically from delhi. So spent all of my childhood there.

# How you came into modelling?

When I was in school , I always thinks about modelling. I always wanna do modelling , acting and all . I never thought  to become a doctor, engineer and bla bla… haha 🙂 🙂

# Who is your inspiration?

My mom and dad are my inspiration. They always supports me and  appreciates me !

# Who is your fav. actor and actress in Bollywood?

All the actors are very hard working and they deserves the place where they are . I like many actors and appreciates their work but my all time fav. are Amitabh ji n Madhuri dixit ji.

# What modelling contracts you have done?

I started my career as model in official music video with Stereo Nation singer ( nachange sari raat fame) . I have been doing  prints shoot here, recently I have done with the shoot of Numero Uno brand,Hyundai, Celebrity Face and some other ads. I have got some more offers and I am  looking forward to it ..

# There are lot of models out there, what makes you different from them?

Well, I am not saying that I  am different from others . I just believe in myself . I think if I have the talent and passion then I will get the success in my life and  will achieve whatever I want.

# What kind of roles you want to do ?

I want to be versatile as I am capable of doing all type of roles . But I really want to do romantic kind of  roles .

# How do you look at life?

Life is too short. So,everyone should enjoy, play and do the right things. Make your dreams comes true . Life comes just once. Always work hard and play hard .

# What are your fav. past time?

My fav time pass is spending time with my  family . And I love to play bowling with my friends .

# Name your one good and one bad habit?

One good habit I think… I am very punctual and use to be on time at my work . And bad habit I love to sleep much .Whenever I get time, I use to sleep more and more .

# What is the one thing , you can’t live without it ?

The one thing I can’t live without is my family. I am nothing without it !

# What do you want to achieve in life?

I want to acheive success,success and success !

# Do you believe in Destiny ?

Yes, I do believe in destiny.

# What are your upcoming plans?

Well, recently I got more offers and project . I am planning for something big and new. I  am looking forward to it.

# Any message for your followers?

Of course, a big thanks from deep of my heart to my followers who appreciates me and my work . I am glad they follows me at my page and supports me .  To  all my fans- Plz continue to support me till the end  and I am doing my best. Blessings for all of you.

# Thanks for your valuable time?

Thanks to you GLAM  for  giving me this opportunity that made me to share my personal life to my followers. So much thanks for this lovely support ! have a nice day .



  ( Shalini James was interviewed by GAGMAG Editor )

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