• Mohit Manhotra, having a stage name “MOHEET” is a singer, rapper, lyricist , photographer , editor , music producer , music.



    Mohit (MOHEET) is a resident of Jammu (Jammu And Kashmir), India. Starting the music career exactly in the month of November with the first new song. He is working with no professional stuff, just a simple low grade stuff. He got no teaching for editing, singing etc. Admitting that few of new songs doesn’t give a good sound quality, but with each new song the the Quality and Level of the song is going on increasing. He promote each and every fresher entering in this field.

    Here are some of his favorite quotes

    Life is a nothing without Music, it means alot to me and also for those who love it and want it in his life.

    Music is only God-gifted…it’s not made by a person or self-made.

    And The People Who Thinks That everything is in his hand is wrong. So Guyz, Juzt Think Like a Beginner and don’t ever put you down.

    In Life, only that person get success who had spirit to do that thing.I am also new in the music field.

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