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The name “Jashnn” suggests the spirit of enjoyment. It motivates people to stay happy and stay positive even in the worse situations of life. The band feels that whenever they are together they enjoy that time and that moment itself becomes a “Jashnn” or enjoyment for them and for there fans. So all the struggle for success is a “Jashnn” or a source of enjoyment for the Band. …
The Band believes in this word and they feel that “Jashnn is in every moment of life and anyone can enjoy that in any situation. The only thing is that “Jashnn” Band’s music actually make people to realize that.
Jashnn Band MJ India | Glam Ajab Gazab PicsBand’s Music
The band’s music is dedicated to life. Band believes that life should be full of positive attitude and enthusiasm. The band’s genre of music is pop soft rock with a flavor of sufi music, where the focus is lyrics. The lyrics which always motivates people to enjoy and to stay happy in life. The thought process behind all the lyrics of the band is about the ups and downs of life which comes in everyone’s life weather he is rich or poor.Band’s BiographyThe band was formed back in Feburary,2006 by Manoj.S.Kumar with a aim to bring happiness to people with their motivational songs and is still serving the purpose. The band derives its inspiration from artists like Lucky Ali Sir, Atif Aslam, Jal the Band and few others and also from the audience whose hunger for music is never ending. We have our orignal compositions and a music which can rock you in wat ever mood u are. Manoj.S.Kumar the lead vocalist is just unstoppable when he is in his full swing and crowd just love him. Manoj in his early days use to write different poetries and lyrics under the heading “LIFE” for local newspapers and magazines.


One day an idea came in his mind to give all his lyrics to the famous bands. He tried to contact different bands, and they actually praised his write ups.But when it came to compose and release those songs no band did that. So all these efforts wasted three or four years of Manoj’s life. At last one of a very close friend Ankur Agarwal suggested Manoj to make his own band and to compose all his songs. This suggestion build the foundation of a band what we call now “Jashnn Band MJ”. Manoj started his Band’s career with solo singing and also performed in colleges like JNU,Delhi university. Later on one Guitarist(Atul Rana) joined him and both Manoj and Atul performed for different shows. But according to Manoj life came to the band when Manish Rana (Lead Guitarist) and Monty (Drummer) joined the band. Finally band released there Signature Song ” Mai Jee Raha Jashnn Mei” after their Debut Song ” Hindustan Meri Jaan ” which are now the trade mark of Jashnn Band MJ.
Also the band has internationally released ” O Banday Jaag ” a revolutionary song under DX productions, Kualalampur (Malaysia) and ” Thaam Lo Inn Hathon Ko ” help the needy song.
AcknowledgmentBand would have never came in to the existence Without Ankur Aggarwal’s (Former Band Manager) & Mr Sunil Saxena’s ( Managing Director Suvika Overseas) support to the Band. A very big thanks Navdeep Tanwar who was always there to guide and to support the band.Thanks to “Lucky Ali” & ” Agnee band ” who are supporting us .

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Jashnn— What Comes in my mind..!! Accordind to you it mite be Happynes, Strength,Enjoument.But friends.its a one word of my life.All the things that i coud’nt,the things that i could’nt get was the sadness that i Created into my Jashnn…….A Beat of Celebration

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