Daniela is an aspiring model from Romania . She is aiming to Bollywood for her modelling and acting career . GAGMAG had a quick talk with her.

Daniela Bruneta Pics (19)
 (GAGmag to Daniela Bruneta)

# Tell about yourself ?

I am a simple girl from Romania . I live there with my family. I have mom,dad and lil sis in my family. I want to be a model and actress. I also like to help peoples .

# Why do you want to become a model ?

I want to become model so that I can  become famous star.

# Who is your inspiration ?

I want to be an actress in Bollywood and my role models are Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kajol Mukherjee Devgan and Rani Mukherjee Chopra .

# Why do you want to be a Bollywood actress  ?

I love  Bollywood movies..I like acting . So I wanna become an actress.

# What kind of roles you want to do ?

I want to do all types of roles like drama , romantic, actions but do not want to do horror .

# Will you do bold roles in movies if you get offers ?

I do not like Bold roles.So , No Bold roles.

# What are your hobbies ?

I am just like other girl. I like to watch TV, Acting,  Shooting , shopping etc

# What do you think about life ?

Life is present and it is to live. So, don’t think of tomorrow or about day after tomorrow .

# How is your love life ?

My love life…no comment .

# What is the one thing you cant live without ?

I can’t live without God .

# What is your good habit and bad habit. Tell each.. ?

My good habit is that I  help needful peoples and my bad habit is that I  fight with my sister

# What do you want to achieve in life ?

I wanna  Being Human because I want to help those peoples who need help .

# Any message to your friends and followers ?

My friends and followers- “listen to your heart and always keep God in your heart and God will definitely help you!!! ”

# Thanks for your valuable time

Thanks to you.

(Daniela Bruneta was interviewed by GAGmag Editor)

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