Denny Denisa is a young aspiring model from Romania . She want to become an actress in Bollywood . She follows Priyanka Chopra as her role model. Here is all about this young model. GAGMAG had a talk with her.

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Denny Denise (27)



( GAGMAG to Denny Denisa )

#Tell about yourself ?

My name is Denisa . My nickname is Diya and I am 14 years old young model. I’m in 6 th class . I love indian movies. And I love to watch indian movies.My hobbies are dancing,shooting,acting etc .

#How you were in your childhood ?

In my childhood I was a shy girl , seriously .

#What kind of roles you would like to do ?

I would like to do all kind of roles especially  romantic , actions and drama also .

#What are your favorite actors and actress in bollywood ?

Priyanka Chopra is my all time favorite . But I also like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Shah Rukh Khan,Preity Zinta and Tiger Shroff …

#What food you like ?

I like Chicken , fruits salad ,pizza and many fruits . Since I am a model so I have to be fit

#What languages do you know ?

I speak very well Romanian language and English also but speak little hindi. hehe

#What is life ?

Life is beautiful . Its to spread more beauty to the world .

#What  you want to achieve in your life ?

I wanna have a good career as a Model/Actress in Bollywood. I want to to be a big super star like Katrina Kaif .

#Do you believe in love ?

I believe in love but just then when this is TRUE .

#Who is your inspiration ?

My inspiration is Priyanka Chopra .

#What is your favorite past time ?

I like to spend time with my mom .That is my favorite past time.

#What is the one thing that you cant live without ?

I can’t live without hard work. Its like a oxygen to me .

#What is the one thing of others that annoys you most ?

When someone under estimates me and say that  u can’t do anything in life”

#What is the one line that you speak the most ?

Bollywood DIVA Denisa…hehe

#Any message for your fans and friends ?

Hello Friends and Fans….love U all…and I hope all my friends and fans will support me….🙂

#Thanks for your valuable time ?

I am glad to have a talk with you . Mwah !

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(Denny Denisa was interviewed by GAGmag Editor)

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