The Lithuanian Singers Hatix and Jayx are very enthusiastic about their music . They made first song Banging Heart which has been  appreciated by the listeners and also been played on the Lithuanian Radio station.

GAGMAG talked to them and they told how they gathered and decided to make music together. Here is some part of it..We will publish more about this talk in upcoming weeks . Now, over to the singers….

Hi ! I’m Jayx

My real name is Andžej Melnik – Anjay Melnik. I’m 17. (born in 1996.08.10) Im from Lithuania country. My only purpose in life was to make awesome music. I want to be well know in audience and also to get glory. I am making music since 2 years. Also I am playing with guitar and piano. I have good ear and i’m very talented to making all music style. My main style is EDM. Making music with Hatix is the best felling in the world.I’m with Hatix making music since 2 months. In school I’m playing in rock band. So that’s it, hope you like it.

Hi ! I’m HatiX

My real name is Dovydas Venslovas also as Jayx I born in Lithuania , but two years ago I moved to United Kingdom. When I didn’t know Jayx I used to make music on my own sort of as Dance music. When I finally met Anjay everything changed I started looking at the music not as a job but just fun time. Also I work in a radio station in school , but I hope me and Jayx will make it real someday. So I think that’s it.

Hatix and Jayx

Here is our first song Banging Heart 

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