The band Evil Lucifera was founded by the singer,Evil Lucifera, in end of 2009, after various experiences in bands where she couldn’t better express her views of music, decided to embark on a solo path,using external collaborations. The first cd “Atrium infernalis” was released in 2011
Currently Evil Lucifera is looking to musicians to create a real band and to work on the second album.

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The sound is a symphonic and aggressive black metal in which force and violence are mixed with the melodies of keyboards,imposing and majestic. Sometimes it abandons mighty aggression for some melancholic decadent moments,but the style is purely powerful, violent,and there is no use of clean voices, giving a total preference to scream and growl.

The lyrics all revolve mainly around issues such as misanthropy,Satanism anti-Christianity,hatred and vengeance,linked to the strong anger towards this world and its useless to the human race,touching religious themes,
a constant search for spiritual superiority,a search of Satanism higher of divine punishment to the stupidity of crowds and mass.

The band is currently working on the second album.


Evil Lucifera -All voices and lyrics ( Italy )

Alexey Soloviev – Keyboards, orchestration, drum machine ( Russia )

Giuseppe Lavagna – Guitars, bass ( Italy )

Ex members:

Dean Mills ( Great Britain, three songs on the second album )


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