Hatix and Jayx are the young music producers from Lithuania . They have made very good music that has been played over the national radios .

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(GAGMAG to Hatix and Jayx)

# Tell your fans about you and your family ?

Hatix –My real name is Dovydas Venslovas and I born in Lithuania , but two years ago I moved to United Kingdom.    I am a student and working part time in studio as a music producer .

Jayx- Hi everyone my name is Andzej and surname is Melnik. And we got Andzej Melnik. I’m 17 years old regular guy from Siauliai city (Lithuania ) . My family is really huge. I have a father and  mother , a bro and 2 sisters . I have  2 dogs and 2 cats also. I do not live in the city center . I’m living in village called Sakyna. This village is full of friends and strange peoples, but looks amazing and awesome.

# When did you  realize that you are born for the music ?

Hatix- Į was 12 when I actually started to realize that music is a part of me and if music would stop existing I would too..

Jayx- When I was 15.(thinks) Yeah 15..

I just started to play with acoustic guitar,cause the  first music I heard was Rock music. I like Classic, grunge, metal,punk, and many more rock styles .Also I have good ear. I learned a lot of guitar chords everyday. I practiced 10 hours per day studying new chords and technique of ritmics. On my 16 birthday,my parents bought me an electric guitar, because they saw that I am very musical and have thinking that I would get into producing later. They thought it was very important to me. When I got electric guitar, I started  playing like  5 hours per day. I learned a lot of Niravana songs. My favourite Nirvana song is “In Bloom”. Then I start to play (also singing) in rock band in my school. Its awesome to show your music skills to other people.

# How is your personal life ?

Hatix- My personal life is good now just revising for my last exams in school and then waiting to go to college.

Jayx- My personal life is very strong. Working hard with music and meeting new peoples. My studies are actually good. Will continue my studies of 11 class. 

#How you both guys gathered ?

Hatix- We gathered together because of me.. I was looking around on Facebook when I saw Jayx first song “Electronic Virus” I listened to it and thought “this guy must be in my team”.

Jayx- Dovydas (HatiX) just found me on facebook. He saw my post, where I had posted my song. He already liked my song and wrote me a message on facebook. When he give me his skype, I called him. We had a  talk about music for around 5 hours . After that he offer me to work together, and I said. “Hell yeah, agreed bro” !!!  

#Whom do you look as your Inspiration ?

Hatix- My personal inspiration is Tiesto! I started listening to him since I was 8 years old and even now after 9 years he is still Nr.1!!

Jayx- Umh, I have a lot of inspiration from music. Listening music every day (all time). I think music really helped me become more confident and made me ready in what I am doing. It gave me more motivation. 

#What kind of songs you usually listens ?

Hatix- My usual song is Animals by Martin Garrix or Overtime by Cash Cash..I can listen to it over and over again.

Jayx- A lot of  songs I  usually listens, but I think songs with progressive sounds. When going to sleep I  always listens  trance and chill out music.

# Name a singer with whom you want to work together 

Hatix- I would enjoy working with Kesha or Katy Perry.

Jayx- Umh, Lana Del Rey, Foxes, Calvin Haris.

# Who is the best beat producer in music industry ?

Hatix- Best producer? I think it is Martin Garrix he should be the best because he actually makes projects wich makes you just stand up and move your body haha..

Jayx- Sorry, hard to say. Best beat producer is the producer who can make music from his heart.

# Name one  rapper whom you like and one whom you do not like ?

Hatix- My favorite rapper is Eminem and the rapper who I don’t like actually doesn’t exist because all of them has something very important to say.

Jayx- Rapper ? Hmm..I do not like rap music.

# Acc. to you …What is life ?

Hatix- You are asking me what is life? Sorry but I can’t answer yet..because I am also asking my self the same question and I never got the answer.. haha.

Jayx- Life is the process where you should become a person.

#What is your one good and bad habit ?

Hatix- Good habit is that I like working hard and trying my best.Bad habit I don’t know …you should ask people who knows me well haha..

Jayx- My one good habit is that I always use to listen  music . My bad habit is doing stupid things (laugh)

#Do you have girlfriends ?

Hatix-  No I don’t have a girlfriend but I will have her someday or may be that this magazine will help me to find one hahaha..

Jayx- Actually no, I dont have . Its coz girls creates more problems (laugh)

#Do you believe in true love ?

Hatix- Yes, I believe in true love but just once in your life. You can’t fell in love like you have been already.

Jayx- Yes, I believe in true love .

#What are your upcoming songs ?

Hatix – Our upcoming song is Power Of God and few others.

Jayx- A lot of works and upcoming new sounds from us.We are producing music every day. We are looking for a different sound to start working with more.

#Any message to your fans ?

Hatix-  Message to our lovely fans is …Keep on guys we are doing our best just for you to enjoy!

Jayx- All I can say that we love everyone . Each fan is an amazing fan ! Dont miss us! Together we are !  

#Thanks for your time

Hatix- No thank you for inviting me.

Jayx- Thank you very much.


 (Hatix and Jayx were interviewed by GAGmag Editor)

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